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Who is Michael Bradley

I am many things (see the links below). More officially: I am a mathematician 🧙. Less officially: I am a programmer 💻, a secular humanist 🫂, an essayist 🖊️, a furry 🦝, and possibly a creative ✒️ 🎨 (if I can find the motivation).

Here is some common information that you'll probably see in multiple places on the Internet:


I am a passionate supporter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), and the Free Software Foundation (FSF).

Here are a bunch of links to my primary accounts across many services (ordered alphabetically). Note that I barely access most of these accounts. If you want to contact me, I currently recommend my Twitter or my TelegramNOT SECURE, where it's easiest for me to respond quickly. You can also try sending an email to thedoctrier@gmail.com, but spam may prevent me from seeing it. If you want a more secure option, and we're already mutuals, then contact me via Signal. The table given here is supposed to act as more of a reference for others (and myself). Be warned, there may be mature materials behind any of the links given.

Platform Link
Archive of Our Own TheDocTrier
Artstation TheDocTrier
DeviantArt TheDocTrier
Discord TheDocTrier#4824
e621 TheDocTrier
Fur Affinity TheDocTrier
GitHub TheDocTrier
Goodreads Michael Bradley
Internet Archive Tankobot
Itch TheDocTrier
Picarto TheDocTrier
Reddit TheDocTrier
Signal Must be mutuals.
Stack Exchange TheDocTrier
Telegram TheDocTrier
Twitch DocTrier
Twitter TheDocTrier
WikiFur TheDocTrier
Wikipedia TheDocTrier